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We offer 5 types of classes: Cardio, Strength, Mind/Body, Silver Sneakers, and Mixed Martial Arts.  Most of our classes are at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to the member.  They are diverse, fun and good for all levels of fitness.  Our instructors are constantly learning cutting edge techniques to stay on top of the new classes.

Class names and description:

-Xplode An efficient workout that will combine muscle work along with cardiovascular intervals all in one shot!!!


-Indoor Cycling Performed on a uniquely designed stationary bike that simulates a road bike.


-CHISELED on the CHAIR Silver sneaker friendly functional training class that tones and sculpts the body using dumbells and resistance bands with a chair as the main tool.


-Pain in the Abs A 30-minute class that focuses on strengthening the abdominals, glutes, low back and overall core.


-Dance Funk Time to get “funky” with it. High energy dance with world wide influence guaranteed to burn calories without you even realizing it’s exercise! Dance moves perfect for all levels.


-Chiseled Functional training class that tones and sculpts the body using dumbells,resistance bands, and the stability ball.


-Battleground A challenging cross training style workout that incorporates muscle work and cardiovascular training all in one explosive class.


-F’Ab Ride Ride your way to F’abulous abs. This 60 minute class includes 15-30 minutes of intensive abdominal work.


-Power Yoga Class focusing on Yoga moves for strength and flexability


-Turbo KickBoxing A pre-choregraphed cardio kickboxing class that incorporates super fun boxing, kickboxing and dance combinations.


-YogaFlow Yogaflow involves yoga moves combined together to improve flexibility, increase and body


-Silver Sneakers MS/ROM A special program designed for individuals carrying a SilverSneakers card made eligible by their insurance. MS/ROM (Muscle Strength and Range Of Motion) or Cardio Circuit.


-Yoga  A Hatha based class for improved breathing, relaxation, and stretch. Power options may be included.


-Gentle Chair PI-YO Fusion This Pilates/Yoga combination is designed for ALL-LEVELS. Chair support is offered to safely perform a variety of exercises designed to increase strength, flexibility and balance. D-bells are used during the pilates portion.


-Boot Camp: Workout using a combination of weights and cardio. Full body workout: abs, circuit training and drills. Instructor will show modifications so this class is acceptable for any fitness and skill level.


-Strictly Abs Focus on strengthening your abs, glutes, lower back and overall core. 30 minutes


-Muscle Step Cardio and upper body strength training simultaneously, using hand weights and basic step choreography.


-Cardiovascular Rhythms Functional strength training class that tones and sculpts the body using dumbbells,resistance bands and the stability ball.


-Pilates  A core stability class designed to strengthen, lengthen, & tone the whole body.


-Strength Strength training balanced through all three planes of the body; upper/lower, front back, right/left


-Silver Sneakers Cardio Fit Perfect for those who are fit & active as well as those who want a safe, effective and energizing activity. Hand held weights or elastic tubing with handles can be used for the strength training segment that follows the “cardio” segment. The SilverSneakers chair offers stability or support options for abdominal and stretching exercises from the floor.


-Cardio Kickboxing A cardio class that involves easy to follow jabs, punches and kicks.


-Interval Combo of cardio and strength training, alternating strength exercises with cardio work: plyometric and step.


-SilverSneakers Cardio Circuit An exercise class that is designed for active seniors. This class designs both resistance exercises combines with cardiovascular intervals that are fun and easy to follow.


-Circuit/Interval Burn maximum calories while alternating strength exercises and circuit training.


-Dance Conditioning Lower body strengthening and toning incorporating low impact dance moves and core work. Stretching at end.


-Cardio/Abs 30 minutes of cardio combined with 30 minutes of core work to get a total body workout.


-Zumba “ZUMBA” is a spanish word that means, “to move fast and have fun” and that is exactly what you will do in the cardio dance class.


-Unity Fitness Boot Camp  Burn fat and build muscle with our fitness bootcamp that’s designed to fire up your metabolism so you see results faster!   Bootcamp sessions utilize mostly Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) and circuit-style training which combine both cardio and strength work in a  fun, safe environment allowing adaptations for all fitness levels.